Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I forgot my VZW account password, aka How do I reset my Verizon Wireless account password?

So, you've gone into a Verizon Wireless store or gone online and they asked you for an 'account password' aka 'billing password' that you either don't remember setting up or just plain don't remember. What is it and how do you reset it?

A billing account (or just account) password is a special password used to protect your account from just about everyone (including people who work at the store!) It is different from your My Verizon online password, voicemail password, or handset lock code. It will be four to five characters (letters or numbers) long (although sometimes if you think you think you set it as something longer the first five characters may have been recorded as the password).

An account password can be set up at any time by the account holder (in store, online, or over the phone). Users who set one up may do it for any number of reasons when they feel that the default account security code (the last four digits of their social security number) is not secure enough (ie, someone you don't want in your account knows it: kids, an ex, an identity thief, etc). 

Users also must add an account password if they add someone to their account as an authorized user (someone you allow to access your account and make changes without you: a kid at college, a spouse, etc). If you ever 'added someone's name' to your plan, you had to set up a password that both of you need to know to do anything with the account. Finally, the automated system for making payments over the phone by credit card or electronic check prompts you to make up a password if you don't already have one. If you've used the automated system you may have set up a password without realizing it.

Sometimes the billing account password is the same as the last four digits of the account holder's Social Security number.

You have a password and you've tried to guess it, using all your common passwords and everything else you can think of, but you still can't get it. What do you do next?

The best thing to do is to go into a store (find one here) with photo ID and get it reset there. If you're the account holder and have photo ID, it is the most secure and preferred method for changing a password (especially if someone else set it up without your knowledge!)

Alternatively, you can reset the password over the phone. You can call into customer service and talk to a live representative and try to get it reset. Unfortunately, they cannot allow you to change the account without knowing the password! Some representatives will allow you to verify other information on the account or might be willing to call you back on an alternate number listed on the account to verify your identity before they'll make a change.

To prevent customers from calling in constantly and taking representative's time up (as you can see above, it can be a long process!) Verizon also has an automated system you can use to reset your account password.

- Dial *611 from the primary handset on the account.
- Choose option 4, Other Options
- A voice menu will ask you what you want to do, say "Change my password" or "Reset Password"
- Choose option 4 for billing account password
- Choose option 1 to reset the billing account password
- Enter the account verification information it asks for (zipcode, last 4 of the account holder's Social Security number, or last four of the account holder's Tax ID number)
- Enter a new four to five digit password
- Choose option 1 to confirm your new password

The new billing account password will be updated to the account almost instantly!

Hope this helped someone!

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